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Takuya Yoshida
吉田 卓矢


Takuya was born in Tokyo in1986 and grew up in Saitama, Japan. 

​As a young age, he ski and swam; he even made it to National competitions in both sports.

   In 2003, he moved to Maine, USA alone to attend Carravasetts Valley Academy for skiing. As a high school student and seeing beauty of Maine, he became more interested in art and he started drawing. After graduating high school, he majored painting at Plymouth States University and later he went to New York Studio School to get MFA.

   At the Studio School he got Hohenberg Travel Prize and spent three month in Italy and he had epiphany like experience looking at early Renaissance paintings especially with Gitto, Duccio, and Sasetta, because those Italian painters have similar sensitivity with Japanese painters such as Korin and Sotatsu. Since then, Takuya's paintings became more simple, imaginative, and he started use more gold leaf.
   Now, he lives and work in Hokkaido, Japan. His inspirations are from landscapes around him and he creates "paradise" like image of paintings. His paintings are player for the love and peace in the world.

   Recent years, he has been traveling to America. He was invited as a guest at Phillips Exeter Academy in 2022 and he did private painting residency with art collector at Greenwich CT in 2023. He has been showing his paintings Japan and USA. His paintings are collected by people all over the world. 




2014年にはHohenberg Travel Prizeを受賞しイタリアに3ヶ月滞在、そしてニューヨークで個展開催。帰国後、2020年よりYoshida Art Schoolを開校、現在は同スクール校長、そして 2022年の秋、再びアメリカに渡りPhillips Exeter Academy で滞在制作とゲスト講師を勤める。2023年夏にも渡米しプライベートで3ヶ月間滞在制作をコレクター宅で行う。

Award and Study


2022     Phillips Exeter Academy USA Artist Residence 

              The Michael Clark Rockefeller Visiting Artists Fund

2014    Hohenberg Travel Prize 

2013    New York Studio School (MFA Painting)

2011    Plymouth State University (BFA Painting)


Solo Exhibition

2023​       "Somewhere You Feel Peace", BEAK 585 GALLERY / Osaka, Japan

2022       "Twinkle Song" Hokkaido Art Foundation / Sapporo, Japan

                "Living Creatures on Canvas", Toyako Museum of Art / Lake Toya, Japan

2021       "After the Wind Blow", To ov Cafe Gallery / Sapporo Japan
                "Breathing Free",  Niiiwa Gallery / Sapporo Japan

2019       "Color Poem ", To ov Cafe Gallery / Sapporo, Japan

2018       "Story in the Landscape" Kobo Gallery / Tokyo, Japan

2014       "Hohenberg Travel Prize Show" New York Studio School / NY, USA

2011       "Takuya Yoshida New Painting" Galletly Gallery / New Hampton, NH ,USA

Selected Group Exhibition

2023       "Collectors' Collective vol.7" / Osaka Japan

       "Study:Osaka Kansai International Art Festival 2023 Art Fair" / Osaka Japan

2022       "Stuben", Roll Gallery / Tokyo Japan

                "ROOTS & ARTS SHIRAOI" / Hokkaido, Japan

                "New Year Show", Itohen Gallery / Osaka Japan
2021       "Boom!! Holiday Art Show" Online Group Show
Playtime" Online Group Show, USA

                "Rokusaikai Vol.63" Shu Ogawara Museum of Art / Kutchan, Hokkaido 
2020       "Alumni Exhibition" New York Studio School / NY, USA
2019       "Haru u ra ra" To ov Cafe Gallery / Sapporo, Japan

                "Art Collective Hokkaido " / Kiroro,Japan
2008       "Boston Printmaker Biennial" Boston University / Boston, USA

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